Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Grand Coulee Dam

Last weekend, we attempted our first family camp out. Jared has been awaiting a camping trip for years, & we finally felt like our girls were old enough to handle the roughage (& beauty, of course) of nature ;). So off we went to Northeastern Washington to visit the Grand Coulee Dam. We enjoyed the company of great friends, & even though everyone had a camping trailer but us, we stayed surprisingly warm in our cozy little tent. We only had to shew away two snakes before we went to bed. What is it with snakes lately? I may very well be manhandling them before this year is over.

Anyway, we stayed at the Spring Canyon Campground which was lovely & completely well equipped with the essentials - a firepit, a spicket, an outhouse, some toilet paper, AND a nearby beach which both girls embraced.

We (the girls) made duct tape purses. Funny. The boys naturally made duct tape swords & guns.

The actual dam was spectacular!

We enjoyed a great laser light show on the dam that night, but by that time, we were all a little loopy, & it hypnotized the girls to sleep. I think we'll try it again soon...living in Argentina may or may not constitute camping.

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