Friday, June 17, 2011

Pre-School Board

Now, I'm not an overly crafty person, but every now & then I muster up the ambition to attack a project. It all started a few months ago when I joined a little pre-school co-op for my 3 year old. One of the moms had built a pre-school board that I took one look at & thought, "I HAVE to build one of those!" So, I did what any desperate wife would do, & I put my husband to work! Okay, not totally, but it did turn out to be a great team project that we had fun building together. It was definitely a learning experience if anything else.

3 - 1/2" Wood Boards (2 w/dimensions 2' X 11 3/4", & 1 w/dimensions 3' X 1')
Sand Paper
6 Sheets of Sheet Metal (4 w/dimensions 2' X 11 3/4", & 2 w/dimensions 3' X 1')
Liquid Nails
Spray Paint
Staple Gun
4 Medium-Sized Hinges

* I purchased the sheet metal from a sheet metal fabrication warehouse in town. It was way cheaper than going to Home Depot or Lowe's.

1. Sand down both sides of your boards.
2. Glue the sheet metal to both sides of each board using liquid nails.
3. Wipe down the sheet metal with white vinegar.
* Do not spray paint the sheet metal until you have wiped it down completely with white vinegar. Let it air dry for at least 30 minutes.
4. Spray paint the sheet metal using any colors you'd like! Don't be surprised if the paint slightly bubbles or cracks. Just let it dry, sand it down, & spray paint it again. We had to spray paint ours 3 times - a pain, I know.
5. Cut the U-trim to fit the edges of each board, then staple it on using your staple gun.
6. Hinge the boards together! Placement varies depending on hinge size, but be creative. We screwed ours onto the front surface of the boards. We had to re-place our hinges several times, but we finally got it. Screw it through the U-trim to make it most secure.

I ordered a really inexpensive Pre-K set from I had to laminate everything using contact paper which took some time, but it was well worth it.

I made my little bright fuzzy ball magnets using bright fuzzy balls, magnets, & a hot glue gun! Those were a huge hit (& super easy to make)!

It certainly isn't perfect, & if you look too close, you'll find flaws, but the key is, we got brave & did it! AND it has been so useful for more than just pre-school (FHE, piano lessons, you name it). Go craftiness!

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shelly said...

Ha ha! "Go craftiness!" I may have to copy you. I've been thinking that I need to make one of these this year. Okay, I have to get off your blog. I feel like a stalker =)