Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mama Don’t Cry For Me

This morning my amazing friend Lisa (at The Far Side of Complexity) featured a post on my cousin & I’s song Mama Don’t Cry For Me.  You can check her post out HERE.  (Talk about a big surprise when checking her blog this morning!) ;)

Aside from Mandy’s son Clyde, Lisa’s daughter Elisabeth was a huge inspiration for us while writing this song.  Lisa has a contagious love for living that I admire beyond words.  Her faith & overall attitude is simply incredible. 

I am constantly amazed by the mothers of special needs children.  Even though Mama Don’t Cry For Me specifically refers to autism, our hope was to somehow reach out to any mother with a special needs child, sending the message that these children are “meant to be,” & would say if they could, “Mama don’t cry for me.”


shelly said...

I downloaded the song. Did I neglect to ask you this morning what you have been up to? You should find a way to bring it up in conversations that you have been writing beautiful music! Good for you =)

Marcie said...

I can't wait to check out your music. You have been a busy girl!

shelly said...

Me again =) I listened to all 3 songs on your site today and had to pass the wife with the hubby gone one (sorry, I forgot the title) on to my sister-in-law who's husband (Eric's bro) has been serving in Afghanistan for the past 3 months with 3 more to go. Anyway, she loved it and said it made her cry and she's making her friends listen to it as well.