Wednesday, September 28, 2011

She’s So Brave


This week has been a week of courage.  Miss AnnMarie started a private school close to our apartment.  In Argentina, spring is in full swing.  The seasons are just the opposite of the United States.  Summer break starts in December & finishes at the end of February, so the current school year only has about 2 months left.  We were planning to wait until March to officially ‘get her started,’ but last week when we were registering her for next year, the director urged us to start her now. 

Her first day of school was on Monday of this week.  This was a big day for all of us.  Her uniform was ready, her backpack was ready - everything was ready…except for the snack she was suppose to take that I didn’t know about.  I got it right the next day.  She was very excited, but a little nervous.  I was very nervous, but a little excited. ;)  Oh, it’s difficult to put words into the emotions of this week. 

My little one is going to school now every day from 1:30-5 PM.  So far, she absolutely loves it.  This school has never had an American student.  They are more than thrilled to have her there.






Most Argentines are very fair skinned.  The blonde-haired lady is her teacher.  She is a native Argentine through & through.  She does not speak English.  However, AnnMarie has a very gifted tutor there who speaks amazing Spanish & beautiful English.  (She is the dark-haired lady in the second to last photo.)




The second day, all apprehensions were gone – at least for AnnMarie.  (Carlie’s not too happy about dropping her playmate off every day.)


The street names here are dates (like The 12th of October or The 25th of May).  Ironically, the name of the street that the school is on is the day of AnnMarie’s birthday.

It must be meant to be.


Kate said...

She is so brave! You are ALL so brave! I'm so excited to read about your family on this amazing adventure via your blog. Thanks for sharing it with us!

shelly said...

Ditto to what Kate said! I love little things like the street name being her birthday! Your girls are so darling =) What a neat opportunity for those little ones to experience another culture, and learn the language!!

Steph Thomas said...

That is CRAZY!! Talk about a whirl wind. Didn't you just get there? Big day for you guys that is for sure.

Julie Jackson said...

What a great day! I remember the day you started school Sharee. A day that all mom's remember. AnnMarie looks a little worried through it all, but very darling. She will do awesome. We are so proud of all of you. You are doing amazing things! I absolutely loved the pictures. Wish I could be there. Her teacher looks wonderful. I especially LOVE the photo of little Carlie holding AnnMarie's hand. Nothing like a Sister to help you through all things. Love you Sharee, Mom

Meli said...

I m excited for annmarie to start learning "castellano" at her school!! yipeeee this is soo cool!