Thursday, September 8, 2011

They Have Each Other


Lately, these two have been clinging to each other.  I’m certainly not ready to say that they can go an entire day without fighting over something or another (oh, the drama!), BUT they have been developing a very sweet relationship that I adore.  I never had a sister growing up, & I can’t help but wonder how magnificent it must feel to have one – someone like yourself, yet different than yourself - a special kind of double really.  I’m pretty sure that the only thing better than having a sister is having a daughter.  Lucky for me, I have two.










JC Penny Portrait Studio just went up about 100 points on the richter scale in my book!  I thought they captured some beautiful moments in only 20 minutes.


Mikelle said...

They really are as cute as it gets, a perfect wolfley, Jackson mix! And yes sisters are the best gift, u r lucky to be their mom, and they r lucky to have such an amazing mother. Good luck in your adventures I can't wait to hear all about it!

Marcie said...

Aww, your girls are SO adorable. Such cute pictures! I'm sure they'll always be the best of friends.

giezergirl said...

gracious they are beautiful! Such precious memories!

Lisa said...

Oh, we are big fans of the JCP portrait studio.

And oh, how beautiful these turned out!

Stacey said...

I love that last one- such adorable girls. I was watching our family home videos over the last couple years and it made me so sad seeing how fast they grow and change. I'm glad you have your sweet family to go on this adventure with. And I'll always be your adopted sister when you need one! Love ya Share!

Katie said...

Those are adorable! They look so grown up. As they get older the relationship will just get better and better.

Nielsen's said...

Darling Pictures!! What adorable daughters you guys have. They are growing up so fast!

Lacey said...

Too Cute! What beautiful girls you have.

Malory Jensen said...

They are so cute Sharee! I love having two girls too! Mine are inseperable!

The Adams Family said...

your girls are getting so big and they are such cutie pies. hope you enjoy your time in argentina. :)