Monday, October 24, 2011

Flamenco Musica Dance Team

Las Chiquitas - Mother’s Day Performance

Flamenco Musica is a local Dance Team here in Venado Tuerto, & AnnMarie is officially a proud member! Carlie desperately wants to join, but she’s a little too young ;)!  The team consists of 5 groups – las chiquitas (ages 4-6), las intermedias (ages 6-11), & las avanzadas (ages 12-18).  The other 2 groups consist of adult women (a beginning group & a professional group which is outstanding).  

Even though Flamenco Musica has about a month left of rehearsals, their end of year performance was on Mother’s Day last weekend.  Since AnnMarie has only been a member for a few weeks, she was obviously not prepared to participate, but the director invited her to ‘be presented as a new member’ at the end of the program. 





The event was held in a fairly big auditorium, & I was amazed at the turn-out (there were people standing in the aisles)!  This community really supports their dancers!

More than half of the dances were performed to live music.  It was so awesome.

Las Intermedias – Mother’s Day Performance


The culture here is a late late culture - everything happens at night, very…late…at night.  The program started at 8:30 & ended at close to midnight.  (Our branch party served dinner last Friday night at 11 PM, no joke.  Our girls were nearly sleeping on their plates.  Wish I had a picture).  Instead, here is a picture of AnnMarie with her instructor, Isabella…at midnight.



shelly said...

Ummm, I would never survive there. I'm always done by 7pm. I can't believe a branch function began at 11!!! Anyway, that dancing is awesome. I love the close-up in the 2nd picture =)

Katie said...

AnnMarie looks so stinkin cute in that dress! I am glad you guys are finding fun things to get involved in. I can't wait to see more performances.

Julie Jackson said...

Mom and Dad have good memories of stars! AnnMarie looks like a movie star. So proud of her. She is a doll. Can't wait to see you and Carlie out there too! We love you guys.

Mom and Dad

rkkorth said...

Oh Sharee...she looks so grown up. I would have loved that.