Friday, November 4, 2011

My Friend Gabriella


Last week one evening after school, my friend, Gabriella, invited my girls & I to her house. 

Her daughter, Pilar, is in AnnMarie’s class, & she is so so sweet to AnnMarie.  All of the moms from school have been extraordinarily kind to me, but Gabriella has especially reached out to me, even though she doesn’t speak any English.  My Spanish is getting a little better each day, & I owe it in part to friends like Gabby.

They live on a small farm full of animals.  Both her & her husband are veterinarians.  We had to be a little careful because there were animals around every corner, literally.




Check out these cute little guys!  AnnMarie gave them all names, of course (Felix, Rose, & Brittany).



This next picture makes me laugh.  What are they feeding that horse anyway??


Notice Gabby’s thermos?  We drank mate (pronounced mah–tay) while the kids ran around the backyard.  (I’ll explain more about mate later).  I’m looking forward to having their family over soon.


Julie Jackson said...

Gabriella is an Angel because she is watching over my loved ones! How darling the girls are with all those animals. I bet they were loving every minute of that. Have some Mate for me too! Love ya

Malory Jensen said...

So funny that your friend has so many animals! I bet she attracts lots of kids. . . what kid doesn't love animals?!?! Glad to see you are doing well!

Steph Thomas said...

When I was little we had kids (baby goats) and we fed them like this. It was a green bottle and you put a nipple on it for them after you put the milk in it. That totally brings back memories.

rkkorth said...

Wow Sharee...You are having some definitley interesting experiences. Miss you!