Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Monkey Princess







AnnMarie was a sweet little monkey princess for her end of school year program.  It was adorable.  The auditorium was packed.  She was the only monkey in her group wearing pants!  Oh well.  (I must’ve misunderstood the pattern.)  No, I didn’t make her costume - I wish!  I was so happy to find Dora - the seamstress who made her costume for me.   

AnnMarie was really getting into her dance.  I was a proud mama for sure.  I tried to video a little, but I was pretty far back.  (The change in lighting caused some blur, but it’s still cute, nonetheless.)

AnnMarie’s End of School Year Program 2011

AND…a Happy Happy Thanksgiving to you.


Julie Jackson said...

LOVED the pictures. I've never heard of a Monkey Princess, but she is the cutest one I've ever seen! Thanks for sharing them. Carlie looks adorable too.

Michelle said...

Sharee! Sounds like you're making the best of everything! I think about you and your cute family often. I admire you and your optimism. I hope you enjoy the holiday season hundreds of miles away! I'm anxious to see what new traditions you'll implement into your American family. Love ya!:)

rkkorth said...

Most definitely the cutest monkey that an Argentine thing? j/k! Loved chatting with AnnMarie on Thanksgiving. What a sweetheart.