Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life Is Good

Lately, my life has been busy.  No more than all of you, I’m sure.  Mothering never stops.  Never.  I’m beginning to seriously question my ability to handle three.

At any rate, I’ve been relearning how to live in South America.  Before coming back to Argentina earlier this month, I was convinced that I WOULD find a more efficient way do things here – from cooking, to cleaning, to socializing, to integrating my children into society, to getting from Point A to Point B, everything.  I was going to make this experience easier.

Hmm…let’s stop right there. 

“Character cannot be developed in ease & quiet.”  - Helen Keller

Ease?  Yeah, that’s probably not a good goal.  How about efficient though?  One problem, I’m 5 months pregnant, & let’s face it, I’m getting slower by the minute.  (In my defense, pregnancy hormones have been proven to cause short-term memory loss.  Oh well.)

So efficient or not, we’ll smile because after all, each day is a gift.  Life is so good.

(And…Uncle Nate’s still here…. and will be for 2 more months….Woohoo!  We’re so lucky.)



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rkkorth said...

I tell you Sharee...buy the whole entire case of $5 cream of chicken soup. JUST DO IT!!