Thursday, March 1, 2012

Back to School (with a bang)


Summer break has officially come to an end.  The crispness of fall is beginning to set in.  It’s refreshing.  Since last year, little Carlie has been insisting on going to school with her big sis’, so we took a big leap of faith and enrolled her, too.  In Argentina, your child is expected to start school the year your child turns 3, so alas, she’s there. (More to come on school.)

Less than one week ago, she had a bad fall in our apartment.  She tripped while running & smacked her head right onto a dense flower pot.  That would explain her third eye in the picture.  It’s hard to tell, but she also has two black eyes. :(  

Carlie’s sweet teacher kindly asked us how we disciplin our children.  We got a good laugh out of that one.  Still laughing…

Good thing Carlie has Vidal Sassoon hair to distract from her bruises.



shelly said...

lol, that is some nice hair twirling beautifullness!

Marcie said...

Ouch, that is quite the goose egg. Poor thing. I can't believe Carlie is old enough for school. I can't imagine sending my Carlie to school right now. Crazy!

Julie Jackson said...

Very cute picture of the girls! Can't believe they have already started school. Carlie's beautiful hair makes up for the black and blue forehead. OUCH!

rkkorth said...

Wow that hair.....they look adorable.