Friday, March 30, 2012

A Beautiful Life

I keep wanting to post pictures of our Temaiken Zoo venture, & I will.  I promise.  But  this week I’ve been thinking so much about my many friends, supporters, & exemplars - their lives, and the different journeys that we all go through here on earth.

I have a dear friend in Washington who is struggling.  Her little 4 1/2 year old girl, Elisabeth, is very sick right now.  My prayers are with her.

I have another friend who just welcomed a little girl into their family last night through the miracle of adoption.  I rejoice with her.

I read NieNie.  I admire her.  I think of her often.  Her story strengthens me.

It’s a beautiful life.  I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who is very aware of each one of us & our different lives.

The weather is turning cold, and we’re having heat issues; but today is warm, and we’re feeling good.  I’m back to boiling water & doing this:


Her smile melts my heart.

I love my little family of 4 (almost 5).  Little Captain Wolfley is getting bigger all the time, & we can’t wait  to welcome him into our family.


Andy's Mom said...

:) Love her smile. I agree, what a wonderful and intersting life with different journeys.

Becki R said...

I LOVE reading your blog. You make me homesick for South America and at the same time I just want to send you a long distance hug because I understand those hard days. Thanks for your positive example. It was a great reminder. :)