Sunday, October 21, 2012

Home Again


I once told a sister-in-law of mine that Argentina would never really be home.  I was wrong.

I’ve been back in Argentina now for 2 weeks, and it feels good to be back.  I’ve missed the amazing views outside our windows (like the one above taken from the girls’ room).  I’ve missed the smell of the heavy rains.  I’ve missed eating empanadas every Saturday afternoon during siesta.  I’ve missed speaking Spanish. 

But most of all, I’ve missed being with this guy that makes me smile every day and does so much to make life comfortable for me.


It’s been really rainy & wet outside; the streets have been flooded.


I read this every day,


and I love on this little man every hour.



Katie said...

I'm so glad you made it safely & are all back together! I can't get over how big Gabe looks. He has changed so much. Keep posting pics of your cute little munchkins. We miss you guys.

Julie Jackson said...

Oh how we miss you all! Those views are not like Sheep Trail Road! Gabe is growing up. So fun to see him again.

Scott and Mandy said...

You are brave and AWESOME! Fica Forte minha sobrinha. Mais un ano vai passar rapido. Gabe is gorgeous. Abracos.

Steph Thomas said...

It is so nice to be back together again with your husband. Even though you are with family it just isn't the same when your husband isn't with you. I am glad you are HOME.