Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kim’s very cool ventures w/Jared

Hi everyone!  What are you doing today?  It is a normal day for us, but we will celebrate Thanksgiving on Saturday.  I think all countries should celebrate Thanksgiving, what is the deal?!

When my father-in-law came, he spent the first week touring two of the farms Jared oversees - Los Perales & El Quebracho.  These farms are located in a northeastern province of Argentina called Entre Rios. 

While visiting Los Perales, they went to a little town called La Paz where lies the massive Rio Paraná.  This river runs through Brazil, Paraguay, & Argentina, and is the second largest river in South America next to the Amazon.


Jared’s fishing line got stuck in this:


Kim caught a Golden Dorado, one of the greatest sporting fishes in South America.  These babies have sharp teeth.


Jared caught this creepy looking Surubi, a type of catfish. 


I love how they still managed to have an Argentine Asado on the bank of the river.  Have I mentioned that Argentines love meat??  They eat red meat all the time. 


Goodbye La Paz.  Those beautiful purple trees (jacarandas) are everywhere here. 


Here is a glimpse of Los Perales:


These Braford beef cattle look intense.




Then it was on to El Quebracho, the other farm & cattle ranch in Entre Rios.


I love this next picture of Jared.  Sometimes I can’t believe that my husband is in the middle of nowhere in South America…on a horse!  Notice the horse’s tail – all horse tails are chopped blunt like that. 

Jared, thank you for working so hard & for being such an amazing provider.  This is you living your dream.   Please watch out for poisonous snakes and cacti.  I love you.



Pretty please check back tomorrow to know how you can give an Argentine child Christmas for less than $3.00.  I’m serious.

I’m up to something big, and I need your help.

Love, Sharee

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Julie Jackson said...

Very interesting photos! They bring back so many memories of when your brother Kyle was serving his mission. Looks like the guys had a great time again! Love ya