Thursday, November 29, 2012

Stickers and Unconditional Love

Last night I was so anxious to find a particular family. We have names & ages, but some of the addresses are sketchy and difficult to find.  I had heard about a family with 3 children that I really wanted to meet. Some of the referrals are in pretty rough areas - like makes your heart pound & throat swell up rough. Sometimes I just don’t understand why they were born there and I wasn’t.

I feel comfortable enough now with the whole Argentina situation in general to where I can get around on my own. I didn’t feel that way for quite some time, and even though I still have to be cautious, I feel strong and safe for the most part.

I was having a hard time finding this particular address, and I couldn’t believe some of the ‘homes’ I was seeing. I wanted to stop and take pictures, but I knew I had to keep pushing if I wanted to get out of there before dark. It had been raining all day again, so the dirt roads were questionable.

I ended up finding the place. The mom, Soledad, was hesitant, but I introduced myself unabashed and told her that I was working on a service project. I was afraid to get out of the vehicle on this one. The stray dogs were rampant even though the kids were carefree, completely undisturbed.  

As I was taking the picture of her kids, she started panicking. In that moment I figured she was just pulling away, and I kept pushing to get a picture. I’ve experienced this type of abrupt distance before, I mean, here’s me, the American in a nice vehicle (between me & you, it’s not that nice), what do I know?

But in that moment, I noticed her husband was in sight - coming home on a dirt motorbike, and apparently, this was not good. She was pretty much terrified of him, not me. I got out of there as quickly as possible with a lot to think about.

I don’t know what goes on in their home, nor do I know what goes on in YOURS, but thank you for reaching out and being so kind. The stickers are a simple expression of your GREAT BIG hearts, and oh, how I wish I could somehow bundle up all that unconditional love that’s being sent right along with all those stickers and give THAT to some of these broken homes instead.  At the very least it’s been an inspiration to our family.

So with that, thank you for your donations. We’re trying to make them go as far as possible.

And maybe, just maybe, all that unconditional love you’re sending along with those stickers will mend a few lives along the way.  

Florencia (age 4)


Rodrigo (age 6), Guandagraciana (2)



Scott and Mandy said...

Awesome! I am so glad you found them even if the mother was a little nervous. Those kids are the ones that matter. Keep up the good work. We are so proud of you. We'll do our best to keep those stickers coming!

Rachelle said...

Why didn't I check this sooner?! Is it too late to still send stickers? Sharee, you are amazing! What a good example you are setting for your children.