Friday, November 23, 2012

The Sticker Project

A few years ago, my little family started a tradition. 

Every Christmas Eve, we do a service project.  Afterwards, we come home to a ‘humble feast’ (a beautiful idea that an old visiting teaching companion of mine gave me).

This tradition is something we look forward to.  It brings the true spirit of Christmas into our hearts, and more than anything else, it teaches my children how to serve. 

If I have taught my children to serve, I have taught them happiness.

This year we live in Argentina.  We have an opportunity to help in a big way.  We have a goal to take a Christmas gift to 50 children (ages 10 & under) that will most likely not get anything otherwise.

I have teamed up with a few of Santa’s elves (disguised as LDS missionaries).  Our list is climbing.  Do you want to help us??  You would?!!  Okay, here’s the plan.

We are trying to put together 50 paper bags  - each filled with one mandarin orange and STICKERS!  Stickers are prized possessions here in these parts of Argentina – difficult to find and very expensive.

So will you please send me a few sheets of stickers?  I can get them in a few weeks if you follow these three simple steps.

1.  Get an envelope.  (No larger than a standard 4  1/8”  X 9  1/2”.  You could also use a standard greeting card size envelope.)

2.  Put stickers in it, preferably clean sticker sheets that haven’t been used.  (Keep it simple.  No more than one stamp’s worth.)

3.  Send it to me (the address below) on or before December 1st.

Jared & Sharee Wolfley

139 E. South Temple, Suite 110

Salt Lake City, UT 84111

I know it’s a Utah address, but don’t worry.  All of our standard mail is sent to this address and then forwarded (FedEx) to our Argentina address.  Anything other than standard envelopes will not make it to us, but thank you, thank you anyway if you’re thinking bigger than this.



Here are a few of the faces on our list so far.

Juan Cruz, age 2                                     


Geronimo, age 9


Gabanna, age 3


Can you feel that little tinge in your heart?  I will be posting pictures each day of more children that need Christmas.  Please help us!  You won’t regret it.

Love, Sharee


The Jensen Duo said...

Sharee, I'd love to help with this. Is the address we send it to the SLC address in the picture? Let me know!

The Jensen Duo said...

Sharee, I'd love to help with this. Is the address we send it to the SLC address in the picture? Let me know!

Sharee said...

Candice, YES. I will clarify. Thanks so much!

Julie Jackson said...

Sharee Julett Jackson Wolfley! You are always up to something! - - Something GOOD! Love you for it. Count me in!

Steph Thomas said...

Alright, I went out with my kids today and we picked up some stickers. We went to the post office and weighed them so that we didn't go over the 1 stamp. Apparently we bought too many because I didn't have enough envelopes. We mailed off 12 envelopes to you and I have a couple more to fill and send. I also posted this on facebook. I hope you get a ton of stickers. This is such an inexpensive thing to be apart of. Thanks for doing this Sharee.

Steph Thomas said...

Ok, I have put it on my facebook status two different ways, created an event on facebook, and then put it on my blog. I hope this helps get the word out.

Scott and Mandy said...

Posted this everywhere. Stickers are on the way. You guys are awesome! I am so proud to call you my cuz.


Mac Attack said...
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eirinnkelly said...

I love this idea! Does "standard greeting card size envelope" mean that a 5x7 envelope will get to you or should I cut the sheets of stickers to fit in a smaller envelope? Thanks!

Cherish said...

What an amazing idea and a great way to give back! I found your blog through AGAAGG and I'm so glad I did.

thank you for stepping out in faith and helping those in all corners of the Earth.

ElleMarie said...

I just now saw this. Is it too late to send them?

Kimbo West said...

Sharee said...

Erinnkelly, long as it doesn't weigh more than one stamp it works.
ElleMarie, No! It's not too late to send them. December 1st is the deadline.
Thanks ladies!

Eva Persson said...

The sticker books I got are too big to fit in a standard/greeting card envelope. I forgot the requirements when I was out buying them. Could I possibly send them to your Argentina address?

Sharee said...

Eva, how big are they???

Eva Persson said...

Sorry, I forgot to check for your answer until today. The 2 sticker books are approximately 9.5" x 6" and 1/8" thick.

Sharee Wolfley said...

Go for it. It should be just fine. :)

Eva Persson said...

I will mail them to your SLC address tomorrow, Dec 5.

Lindsay @ Diary of a Crafty Lady said...

Is it too late to participate? Can we send stickers, and even if you get them later than Christmas, you can still give them out?
If not - that's okay. Sounds like you have been getting quite a few.

Sharee Wolfley said...

Lindsay, Thank you so much for stopping in. Due to the outrageous response, I'm in the process of setting up a post about how to participate in the future. I'll keep updating, but you're more than welcome to send stickers; I'll find a home for them. Thanks again for inquiring.

Marsha said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! I was just looking for an update, as I sent stickers from Alberta, Canada, and I realize I made a huge error in sending an 8x11 envelope :( I'm so disappointed - I hope they can at least go to someone in Utah who would enjoy them?