Monday, December 3, 2012

Think Big. Then Think Bigger.

How was your weekend?  Ours was nice.  It feels good to serve other people, doesn’t it?

Something I’m grateful for beyond words is a good mom & dad.  I’m not sure if us kids ever had a set-in-stone family motto growing up, but we certainly had one engraved in our hearts, and it was to think big…then think bigger. 

Sometimes ideas spiral; sometimes they don’t.  And sometimes, it takes a lifetime to even really know if a little seed we planted along our way made any difference at all.  Either way, the real miracle of it all isn’t necessarily the end result, but the transformation of our own hearts as we begin to believe that we can create something big – sometimes even bigger than ourselves.

I hope my children know how important it is to always think big.


But more importantly, I hope The Sticker Project awakens in them a desire to think outside of themselves and serve.

On Saturday we headed out to the country.  We found a little boy named Aqiles (pronounced A-key-lays).  He’s only 4 years old and very very sweet. 


I’ve had several of you inquire about whether or not it’s too late to send stickers. Thank you so so much for your great big hearts, but any envelopes sent after December 1st will most likely NOT make it to us in time for Christmas :(

HOWEVER, if you’re interested in future kid-friendly simple service opportunities like The Sticker Project, we’re on it, and we’ll keep you informed.

Love, Sharee

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Julie Jackson said...

Love that picture of you and the girls! Aquiles looks like a very sharp young man. Love ya