Monday, February 4, 2013

Carlie flies, Driving, & a boy named Ariel


I’m sure Carlie is not the only 3-year-old girl who runs around wildly with reckless abandonment, but this little girl truly is fearless when it comes to anything athletic or physical.  It scares me sometimes – she’s undoubtedly little and strong, exactly as her name defines. 

And I love that she wears a fancy dress with fancy shoes through it all - most days changing at least three or four times each morning before she gets it right.  Luckily, she finally ditched the pink Sleeping Beauty high heels that were her obsession for the month of January.   

We’re doing our best to channel her energy.  Have you ever read the children’s book, “Alice the fairy?”  Oh my, it fits Carlie to a tee.  That girl…

Last month when we went to Buenos Aires, we found ourselves in front of a car rental place advertising how many days it had been since their last accident.  This seriously cracks me up!  It looks like they don’t even use that first slot.  I can’t help but wonder if this is bragging rights or not…


And finally, I have to share a few thoughts about this sweet 11-year-old boy named Ariel; he really is amazing.

Ariel lives with his mother, step-father, and four younger half brothers, all who have a different dad from each other.  Ariel was recently baptized into our church, the only member of his family to do so.  His younger brother is following in his footsteps this Saturday.  We are so happy for him.   

In December, the youth of our branch presented the nativity scene for a Christmas fireside.  I asked Ariel to play the part of Joseph, and he gladly accepted, but seemed a little nervous. 

On the night of the nativity fireside, he showed up dressed exactly like Joseph Smith.  He was a little confused, but we laughed with him, made a few alterations, and proceeded to present a very tender nativity scene. 

Yesterday during our testimony meeting, he shared a profound thought that struck a chord with me.  He simply stated, “I believe in Christ, and I know He believes in us.”  I’d never really thought about that before, but isn’t it so true?! 

In reality, if anyone is our advocate, it’s Him, the healer of our hearts, the One who marked the path, led the way, and opened the gate for our return.  Sometimes as we suffer about our imperfections, it’s natural to feel inadequate and incapable, but Ariel reminded me that Christ believes in us.  He will comfort us and suggest areas of improvement if we go to Him in humility.


I hope I can always remember that. 


Steph Thomas said...

That is a great reminder and what a great picture of Carlie flying through the air.

Julie Jackson said...

Little and strong. Two powerful words, and two amazing kids...Carlie and Ariel. Thanks for sharing! Love you.