Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ballet & Bangs


Carlie Joy is growing up right before my eyes.  She looks a little taller to me every day, AND she’s almost 4.  How did this happen?!

We decided to start her in a ballet class.  I wish I could tell you how it’s going, I really do, but the instructors are adamant about all parents staying out.  It’s kind of funny.  I can peek through the window curtain a little, but that’s it. 

It’s mainly a time for her to get fancy and do something just for her. 

Last week she came to the conclusion that nearly every Disney princess had bangs and she didn’t.  She basically insisted that I cut bangs for her.  I’m not so sure about my beautician skills, but in order to avoid her doing it herself, I braved the task, and to be honest, I adore them. 

I’m pretty sure bangs are for her.


Steph Thomas said...

That's funny that you are not allowed to watch. You will be so surprised at her recital.
She looks more grown up to me with bangs. I am glad you did them and not her:) Very cute!

Malory Jensen said...

She is SO ridiculously cute!!

Marcie said...

Bangs looks way cute on her! What a doll!!