Sunday, April 28, 2013

Iguazu Falls

Earlier this month, we decided to take the plunge and drive to Iguazu Falls, one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature along the Brazilian & Argentine border.  We figured it’d be our last chance to do it – our time here is winding down. 

I had to get my passport renewed again (my visa issues never got resolved), so we had to head that direction anyway, but I was pretty hesitant about going.  The drive alone is 17 hours one way, and a road-trip in South America isn’t exactly comfortable.  The roads are unpredictable, the rest stops are a nightmare, and fast food doesn’t exist (most rest stops have empanadas & sandwiches de miga for sale, but that’s about it).  I’m still not exactly sure how Jared talked me into going, but now that it’s over, I’m glad we went.

Luckily, one of the farms Jared oversees has a ranch house that we stayed in to break up the drive.  We drove about 6 hours the first day and 11 hours the next day.  Overall, the driving on the way up wasn’t too bad.  I had a cooler stocked full of food that suited my standards, and we hooked up Jared’s iPad so that we could listen to some American tunes.  We stayed in a beautiful hotel just outside of the Iguazu National Park.  Our view from the room was incredible.


We felt like we were in the jungle.  It was easy to see why Indiana Jones was filmed here.



We gave ourselves 2 days to see Iguazu Falls.  In reality, a person could spend 5 days here and still not see everything.  I thought it’d be as simple as driving into a parking lot, walking up a small trail, and bam, there they’d be, but oh no, I was sorely wrong.  There are several views of the Falls, and depending on which view you choose to see, it’s a few miles of train riding, walking, and hiking to see that one view. 

We were so glad we had this bad boy of a jogger stroller.  You would not believe how many people were just plain floored to see such a “monstrous thing.”  There was one lady that actually acted scared when she saw it; she thought it had a motor or something.  It does look a little robotic when the rain cover is down, so I’ll give her that much.  



The trails were so beautiful; they felt magical.  




We had to watch out for these strange looking raccoons.  They were everywhere, and not shy at all, especially if you had food.


Notice the group of raccoons clustered in the middle-left side of the photo:


I was pushing Gabe in his car seat stroller the whole time.  He handled everything pretty good, but as we got closer to the Falls, the bridges got a little thinner and his ride was rickety.  It rained on & off, but the children were sheltered…and that’s all the matters, right? ;)  Yeah, Jared & I got soaked. 


1-DSC00099   1-DSC00435

We saw these exotic birds at one point along the path.




Almost there!


And then finally…with winds and rainfall blasting in our faces…we made it!



The Devil’s Throat:



This panoramic shot makes me laugh…


We came out alive – see how “monstrous” that jogger looks!




The sunshine came out just in time to check out the gift shops. 


The pictures do not do it justice, especially since we were there on a very rainy day. 

The next day, we had planned to spend another full day at the Falls, but during the night, Jared got so so sick.  I’ve only seen him get sick one time in our married life, and it was nothing compared to whatever it was that struck him during our trip.  We had to make the best of our day in the hotel, and the drive home was difficult to say the least (like the hardest two days of my life – EVER!), but all & all, we made it, and I’m so incredibly grateful that we had the opportunity to go & see something so magnificent.

(Jared was sick for the following week, and we decided that it must’ve been salmonella based on his symptoms and the fact that the rest of the family was okay.)

Everyone’s doing good now. :)


Steph Thomas said...

Way to go! What a trip! I am glad it is over and that you got to go but wow, that is a long way. I probably wouldn't have gone. Poor Jared getting sick, and poor rest of the family. When one is sick it affects the whole family. What a nightmare but thankful you got to see it. How incredible!

Katie said...

Wow, it looks like it was amazing! It was nice to see Jared this weekend, we're excited to have you guys up here closer. Your new blog is adorable.

shelly said...

wow! Thank goodness for pictures to document what you saw =) Sounds like it was worth some horrible couple days.

shelly said...

Except now I want more details on the horrible two days =)lol