Sunday, May 26, 2013

Invest in the Best

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but something I love about living here in Argentina is the lack of technology distractions.  We have a big phone with a little cord that does not allow for multi-tasking while talking on the phone.  When I talk on the phone, it’s usually short, sweet, & to the point.  I have to be present for my kids 24/7 down here.  It’s not that I would have it any other way, but as a mother in a foreign country, it’s especially pertinent to me.

In a relatively small apartment with three children ages 5 & under - all hard floors (had to throw that one in there again – you can tell how much I love hard floors) and no yard, it’s up to me to keep things rolling – household jobs, responsibilities, meals, entertainment and learning opportunities – not  to mention the cultivation of their physical, emotional, cultural, intellectual, & spiritual development which I’ve been worried about even more so since we’ve lived abroad. 

Giving them my full attention is a heck of a lot easier without all the distractions most people can’t live without, and in a nutshell, it’s something I’m SO grateful for.  It’s taught me patience & creativity.  It’s taught me how to really listen because I can.  It’s taught me how to enjoy slow days.  

I came across this article titled ‘Distracted Parenting’ to which I saw AMEN.  It describes my sentiments exactly, and I know it will be worth your time. 

AND since it’s the Sabbath, I thought I’d share this beautiful picture of the Buenos Aires temple. 


The temple has always stood as a reminder to me of the importance to invest in the best – my family, especially each of my children, giving them my ALL here and NOW because “there are no do-overs,” and I truly want to be with them and my husband for eternity.     


JLH said...

So needed to read this today. No do-overs!Thanks!!

Steph Thomas said...

I am SURE I have too many distractions. Love your perspective. You are such a great mom!!