Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Hardest Part About Leaving

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Okay, switching gears now to the hardest part about leaving. 

AnnMarie is an amazing friend.  She will be sorely missed when we leave Argentina.  Her teacher cried last week when we informed her of AnnMarie’s last day.  When we first moved here, play-dates were a difficult thing.  The friend we invited over would usually end up crying at some point in the play-date.  My Spanish was rough, and our home environment was a stark contrast from what they were accustomed to. 

It was one of the hardest things as a mother to see my ever-courageous daughter, she herself in a completely foreign environment as a whole, unable to understand why her friends from school didn’t like to come over for a play-date because…the environment was different, and it was too hard.  I think it was then that she realized how truly courageous she was.

Fast forward 20 months later to a different time.  Life is much different now.  We have grown tremendously.  It’s amazing what time & the refiner’s fire can do. 

AnnMarie is a special influence here.  I know the Lord has big plans for her. 

One of her closest friends is little Emilia.  Her mother is pure Italian and one of my best friends here.  I will miss their family so so much..words cannot describe.  Emilia is on the far right.  AnnMarie was helping me take the picture.  I’m tearing up just starring at this photo.  


Magdalena is another sweet friend of AnnMarie’s.  ‘Magda’ is somewhat of a protector to Mariana (a little down-syndrome girl in their class).  The sight of AnnMarie, Magdalena, & Mariana walking out of the school together, holding hands, the day I picked the three of them up for a play-date will forever be burned in my mind.   


And then there’s Catalina who tries her very hardest to speak English.  It’s absolutely precious, and I love her for it. 


Oh my goodness, we have gotten so close to these little classmates of hers.  AnnMarie has been emotional at nights - worried about leaving her friends.  I know she’s only 5, but the fact that she’s had to work so hard to make friends – learning a new language and integrating herself into a completely unique life - has made these friendships incredibly significant. 

Carlie reminds us all that the best part about moving is making new friends, and I know AnnMarie will do just that, but something tells me that these friendships of hers will be eternal.  She has been a pillar of strength to me as I’ve watched her struggle and now thrive.  I am so blessed to have her example in my life.

And of course, Carlie’s example, too – our spunky little one who can’t wait for the change!



JLH said...

So, so , so sweet. Change is always an interesting thing to take on. And each kid handles it very differently. The lessons are incredible though! I have, however, found myself wondering what it is like to stay in one place and if that is best for our family. Then I remind myself that if we always choose the path that Heavenly Father has for us (whether that's moving or staying) it will always be what is best for our family. Hard times, even still. Your girls are adorable. Thank you for the nice comments on my blog. Out of curiosity, where are you guys headed? Or is that still under wraps?

Steph Thomas said...

Moving is hard. SO so hard no matter where you go, I believe. It is hard to move from a place that you have grown to love. I can't imagine all that you had to go through to get where you are today and then to leave that. You guys are so strong I am super impressed.

Marcie said...

It's been neat for me to follow your journey the last two years. You guys are all amazing and strong and have made some wonderful memories and friends. I'm sure leaving is very bittersweet!