Monday, June 3, 2013

Christmas in June

Yesterday marked the beginning of a countdown.  Instead of 25 days ‘til Christmas, it’s 25 days ‘til change, and around these parts, we believe change is a good thing. :) 

Since June is the coldest month in Argentina (we’re dead smack in the middle of winter here, and yes, it’s very cold), I thought it would be appropriate for our little family to have what I’m calling Christmas in June

My sole intention is to bring in the Christmas Spirit.  Both Jared & I have a tendency to anticipate change to a fault.  We need our last several weeks here to be savored, not watered down with everything else to come!  The Christmas Spirit is real, and I want our family to slow down by remembering Him, our Savior, right now – really remembering Him.  I feel like this approach will best help my family to finish out our time here strong.   

Last night we finished our poster board which is now hanging up next to our dinner table.  We have 24 little gifts (simple magazine cut-outs) scattered around the board.  It’s nothing fancy – in fact, it’s pretty un-fancy to say the least, but the kids did almost all of it, and that’s what matters.

Under each gift is a scripture coupled with something to do that night – something special that will invite the Christmas Spirit into our home.  Tonight was our first official gift opening….. ‘As a family, pray for someone with a special need (Alma 34:27).’  The girls’ suggestions surprised me.  I learned something new about a classmate and felt inspired to serve.  

We’re all looking forward to the next several weeks as we seek the Christmas Spirit with our whole hearts.  We’ve been playing Christmas music, making lots of yummy soups, and trying to think a little less about ourselves, our to-do lists, and all the busy stuff that comes with change. 

It was a little ironic though that right after we finished our poster board, a neighbor brought us a loaf of fresh bread wrapped in a Christmas napkin.  That’s only happened like never.  What are the odds?!  Ha!  

1-DSC00262(Carlie & I at AnnMarie’s school program enjoying the last warm day in May.)


Steph Thomas said...

You are incredible to say the least:)

JLH said...

I love this! What a great idea. We are the same about change and I think when our next change comes around that I may do something similar :).

Julie said...

Awesome idea! You are making memories. Not too much longer and you will be home in the good ol' U.S.A. Get ready to party and celebrate! Way to endure to the end.
We love you. Great picture of my girls! Love, Mom

Malory Jensen said...

Crazy to think June is the coldest month! When you get back to USA you might be over heated ;)