Saturday, June 22, 2013

Little Happenings

Our apartment is kind of empty.  We’re enjoying the ‘lasts’ of a lot of different things around here.  It’s been fun. 

Gabe took three whole steps on his own yesterday.  He’s growing out of his clothes which is NOT good since clothes are out of this world expensive here. 


I think he can wait another week…maybe…until we move back to the good ole U.S.A.  He says “bye-bye bug”  a lot - not sure where he got that from - and when I ask him his name he says, “Bob.” 

I love little babes this age.  I love little Gabe. 

We had a week of nasty colds earlier this month.  I had to laugh when I came across this picture of Gabe with Marcelo (a member of our church here that is seriously, so great).  I had kept him in his wild Monster’s, Inc. pajamas that day since he wasn’t feeling too good.  People were thinking his ‘outfit’ was a little freakish. 


I think AnnMarie is getting abnormally good at crafts. :)  We had some help from an Eco-Craft box Grandma Julie sent her, but AnnMarie is such a thoughtful, creative little girl.  She insisted that we deliver this craft to a friend “who needed it.” 


My 29th birthday decided to sneak up on me last Thursday.  It was the perfect day to celebrate a birthday, really.  June 20th is a National Holiday here in Argentina (Flag Day), so lucky for me, Jared didn’t have to go into the office, and AnnMarie didn’t have school.  I just told AnnMarie that school was cancelled for my birthday – she didn’t buy it. :)

Something that I’ve been grateful for during our time here is the chance I’ve had to feed the sister missionaries weekly.  It hasn’t always been convenient, but I recognized the need early on and decided that that was something I could do - even if all I had were sandwiches, apples, & tang sometimes. :) 

I’ve said it before, but the Argentine culture is a late culture.  Most people eat dinner between 9 & 10 pm, so members are asked to feed the missionaries during lunchtime.  It’s become a special time for Carlie & I, too, since AnnMarie’s at school and Gabe’s usually taking a nap…our little lunch date with the missionaries. 

Anyway, I fed the missionaries on my birthday.  Love these girls so so much.


Later that day, around 4 pm, our door buzzer buzzed – that thing scares the heck out me every time, it’s not normal – but it was a friend from church stopping by to wish me a happy birthday.  Within the hour, there was another…and then another…and then another…and then another…without the other knowing…until our empty apartment wasn’t so empty anymore.  It brought tears to my eyes and made my whole heart spill over with love…and gratitude. 


This ‘winter’ birthday of mine was one to remember, and I’ll always be so grateful for the women here that have warmed up to me when it wasn’t always comfortable for them.   

As the Argentines say - a strong hug, a little kiss, friends for always. 


Chris said...

This brought tears to my eyes just reading about all the love that was sent your way on your "winter" birthday. You probably won't have that again in winter. You are such a great person I am glad so many people recognize it.

Julie said...

Amazing! I recognize some of those wonderful ladies I met while I was there. A strong hug and a little kiss! I love that about Argentina. You will be greatly missed. Gabe is a handsome guy! Sure miss you all. This is weird to say but here goes.... SEE YOU SOON!! Love, Mom