Monday, June 24, 2013

Ruby Lous for Ruby Jane


I’m not sure when it all started. 

Maybe it was in 2012 when I read Ani Taylor’s winning essay from The Nie Nie Dialogue’s Motherhood Essay Contest.  I was pregnant at the time, expecting our first son.  I’ve never been able to forget Ani’s little Ruby Jane who passed away at almost 7 months old.  I remember trying to envision my unborn baby boy at 7 months old.  He’ll be 1 year old this Saturday.  The thought of losing a child evokes heartache beyond compare. 

Or maybe it was last August when I promised AnnMarie that I would learn how to sew.  She was determined to make a doll for her sister Carlie, no particular reason.  I was living alone with my 2 little girls and newborn son – my husband in a foreign country.  I remember thinking that life was pretty hard for me back then…but I had a new sewing machine, and I had a promise to keep. 

The first doll pattern I found was The Ruby Lou Doll Pattern by Abby at Sew-Much-Ado.  I loved it.  AnnMarie loved it.  I didn’t think my beginning sewing skills were cut out for it, but love at first sight stirred powerful motivation. :) 


And then, I had an idea.  I couldn’t shake the connection between Ruby Lou and Ruby Jane…so I contacted Ani, and I contacted Abby. 

Now…I’m contacting YOU. 

Throughout the entire month of August, Abby at Sew-Much-Ado is going to donate the full profit of all Ruby Lou Doll Pattern purchases to the Ruby Jane Foundation.  Basically, this foundation is set-up to save lives.  It’s remarkable.

The best part is yet to come.  If you’d like to donate your completed Ruby Lou Doll to a little girl in need of an organ transplant, Ani has a connection with Child Life at UCLA in California.  The timing would be great before the holidays.

Simply send your Ruby Lou Doll to:

PO Box 505
Trabuco Canyon, CA 92678

But most of all, love the littles in your life a little more than you did before.  Forget the to-do lists and be present.  We never know when the moments we share with our loved ones will be our last. 


(Feeling grateful for the lessons both Ani and Abby have taught me over the past year.  Sending BIG love their way…my new blogger friends.) ;)


Steph Thomas said...

That would be a great challenge for me for sure but what a fabulous idea. I hope I can remember this when August comes along.

JLH said...

I LOVE this. You are incredible at coming up with some very thoughtful ways to use your blog to serve. I can't guarantee my sewing skills are up to making the doll but I will certainly buy one in August and give it a shot!

Would you mind if I made a post sending people to your blog about this!?

Julie said...

Great idea! LOVE, LOVE the doll. I am going to give it a try. Good job on the sewing Sharee. I know you did not learn that skill from your Mom!! So proud of you. Love Mom