Monday, January 20, 2014

Growing Gabe



We live in choo choo train range.  We hear a train whistle almost 3-4 times p/day.  Gabe loves it, and today he said “ooh ooh aaa” when the train went by this morning (making sure to hold the ‘a’ out extra long).  He’s into everything right now, and sometimes (most times) I want to pull my hair out, BUT he’s trying extra hard to be a big boy even though he does NOT like to be away from me for a second. 

I’ve been teaching piano lessons in our home since September.  I have almost 15 students and most of them come on weekdays between 6-7:30 am.  These time slots allow me to do something I love without interfering with my motherly duties.  As long as I go to bed at a good time (unlike tonight :P), I do just fine during the day, and it’s amazing how my little ones consistently sleep through lessons each morning.

Inevitably there have been a few times during my once a week evening lessons when Gabe has been in need of my attention, and even though my husband is here, he clings to me with a death grip that can’t be removed.  He’s going through some major stranger anxiety right now, and I’m not exactly sure how to help him other than to keep integrating him into normal every day encounters and to keep being patient with his uneasiness in regards to pretty much any social situation! 

In the meantime, we’ll keep helping him to discover the world around him.  He’s at such a cute age right now, and I love trying to see the world through his eyes.   

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Steph Thomas said...

He is SO cute!!!!