Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day 2014!

Man, I got a little carried away going through old photos yesterday!  I love doing that though because something about it lightens my heart and makes me happy.  I love my husband so much, and I’m grateful for all the good things he is teaching our children.  Fatherhood is important to Jared.  I love talking to him about our children.  He always has great ideas on how to be more projective and deliberate in the life lessons we value and want our children to understand.  

AnnMarie said that her favorite thing about dad is his smile & when he takes her out for a milkshake.  Carlie said that her favorite thing about dad is his laugh & when he teases her.   

IMG 0614

My own Dad is amazing!  He is a true gentleman.  He is hard working, stable, and kind.  This picture of my dad & I at my 7th birthday party captures his calm disposition.  He always has a pleasant look on his face.  Two Christmases ago, my sister-in-law put together an awesome binder of letters as a tribute to him.  Here is some of what I wrote:


Dad  Sharee

My Dad is a talented musician.  He plays the piano mostly by ear; he always accompanied me in my vocal performances growing up providing limitless opportunities for me to share music.   

Dad  Sharee  1

My father-in-law raised the man of my dreams which says everything!  Kim is a strong leader, and he values the importance of education and hard work.  He is service oriented and is constantly giving of his time for the betterment of youth, single adults, and the community in which he lives.  I love this man!     

IMG 0759

My father-in-law’s dad passed away 3 years ago - just a few months after his 70th wedding anniversary.  He was a competitive boxer, successful farmer, and dedicated husband and father to his family.  Isn’t he handsome?  Maybe I’m bias, but I think our little guy, Gabe, looks just like him!  I can’t help but think that they must’ve had many conversations in heaven before Gabe came to us.


My mom’s dad - Grandpa Rex - celebrated his 80th birthday this year!  Last year my parents took him and my grandma on an unforgettable trip to Hawaii.  It’s amazing to me that he can still boogie board at his age!  I love talking to my grandpa - he is a fountain of wisdom on many different topics, and he has blessed the lives of too many scouts to count, especially his grandsons, through the scouting program.

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My dad’s dad - Grandpa LaMar - lived down the road from me when I was growing up.  It’s hard to sum up in a few sentences how special this guy is!  His posterity means everything to him.  He loves helping others.  He loves music & baseball & family gatherings.  He leads with wisdom from life experiences and takes every opportunity he can to share his testimony.   


I hope these good men in my life know how much I appreciate their examples to me over the years, and I hope more than anything that they had the happiest of Father’s Days!!

“Noble fatherhood gives us a glimpse of the divine.”  - James E. Faust 


Stacy Jackson said...

What a tribute! Thank you so much.
You're the best!! All of these men are wonderful examples in my life.

Lacey said...

Such a sweet post! I'm so glad you're back to the blogging world! I've missed you!

Lacey said...
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Steph Thomas said...

This was very sweet and wonderful. So glad you have great guys in your life.