Monday, June 9, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Mother’s Day is always a day when I feel extra appreciated, but the idea of having a relaxing Mother’s Day has never really worked for us. :) Sundays are intended to be restful (this I know), but it seems like they can be some of the hardest days for me.  This year on Mother’s Day, I really missed my own mama and the idea of being with her on a lazy Sunday afternoon enjoying family dinner.  It also happened to fall on my dad’s birthday this year which didn’t make it any easier.  When everyone in the house fell asleep for an afternoon nap after a quick Sunday dinner of leftovers and whatever else I could muster up, I took a drive to a nearby park and had a good cry.  Despite my faults, I have three beautiful babes who need and want me anyway.  Their demands can be overwhelming, and sometimes my heart aches for them (and me!) to have extra loving grandma hands close by...but those times when we’re tired of each other, yet we only have each other, simply make us stronger.  

I came home from the park a better me.  Jared spoiled me, and the kids showered me with homemade love.  Being a mother isn’t always a yummy piece of cake, but it’s worth it in every way for so many reasons that continue to surprise me and fill me up with overwhelming gratitude.  

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Stacy Jackson said...

This post made me cry! Oh how we miss you. I cried on Mother's Day too! You left my lap, but you will always be in my heart. I love you - Mom

Steph Thomas said...

I have a hard time on Mother's Day because I expect my kids to be perfect on that day but it seems to be just the opposite. I am thankful to be a mother though.