Monday, June 23, 2014

The Golden Rule

I came home from church yesterday wishing I knew what to say.  

C, my second daughter, is beautiful - I will always see her as that.  She’s small for her age, but just like her name defines, she’s little AND strong - with a spunky personality to boot.  Being new can be hard, and this past year, a small group of girls in her church class have been rejecting her.  I know, I know…they’re 5 year olds, but it hurts…week after week.  I haven’t been too worked up over it, because in the past, she’s always been very open about any incident or mean thing that has been said, and overall, she’s been okay.

I’m also not naive enough to believe it’s all unprovoked.  C tries so hard to be included - maybe a little too hard sometimes.  She’s not only eager to make friends (since our return from Argentina), but she’s learning to socialize like most girls her age.  Her personality insists that her presence be known.  

But yesterday was different.  I could see it in her countenance, and things were not okay.  The pain had built up, and something that was said seemed to break her.  It’s hard for me to understand how little ones can be so cruel at times, but I pray that this past year will be a stepping stone to higher ground.  We spent the majority of the day discussing her identity as a daughter of God and NOT basing her self worth on what others may say or do.  As hard as it is for my mother heart to accept, this life demands that we will ALL experience rejection at one point or another, including my very own little ones, and I hope that as a mother, I will react in a way that can move mountains rather than start fires.   

I’ve talked with her teachers, and we have a plan in place that I believe will improve the situation.  Regardless, I’m beaming with love over my little C, and I hope that even the tiniest belief of who she truly is can plant itself in her heart - a seed of confidence to not only let her light shine, but move her to dance into greener meadows and blossom into the beautiful flower she’s meant to be.  

DSC 0422

I just barely realized how perfect my shirt was for the day.  Drop of awesomeness right there. ;)


Shine said...


Both my babies are small for their age and both have their own struggles, but they are simply amazingly wonderful in my eyes. However, Andy had some rough times after we moved also. It was the first time he had to make friends (literally, cousins are kind of built-in best friends, which is what he had in Idaho). It is SO rough for mothers to watch our kids face that rejection, but it is such a sweet moment when they finally make that one, amazing friend that is perfect for them. Or group of friends. That is coming from a girl that had a REALLY rough time finding her "fit" throughout school (THANK HEAVENS for Missy Moses in 9th grade).

You are a wonderful mother and because she is your daughter, she will do wonderful things. Because you taught her so well! To this day, I'm still in awe of your greatness!

Stacy Jackson said...

We LOVE our little Carlie. Life can be hard but she will do amazing because she has such an amazing family!! Give her lots of hugs and kisses from Grandpa and Grandma Jackson. Can't wait to see her soon.

JLH said...

I feel like I could copy and paste this for both my kiddos. So hard to watch as a mother, especially when it is at a place where you would hope that everyone would be accepted and welcome. Hopefully the plan that you have discussed with the teacher will help. When you have a chance, you'll have to let me know what ideas you have come up with. It's so hard to see my pretty sociable kids have worry in their eyes (and hearts) about going to primary!

JLH said...

Oh, and love the shirt!

Steph Thomas said...

Oh that is sad:( Sorry she and you have to go through that. You are such an amazing mom I am sure you said exactly what she needed to hear. I hope things work out better for her.