Friday, June 20, 2014


Today has been a GREAT day!  It’s birthday season around our place, and today I celebrated turning 30!  How does that happen?  Jared & I had been making plans to go out - just the two of us - but when it came right down to it, we both wanted to be together as a family.  

I started a birthday tradition with our kiddos a few years back (something that was done when I was growing up): waking up to a birthday gift at the end of your bed on birthday morning.  I didn’t think much of it until I woke up this morning to a giant Tinker Bell gift bag at the end of my bed full of notes, pictures, paintings, poems, & a few photos that highlighted some of their favorite moments with me.  It was one of the sweetest things my girls have ever done for me - it nearly brought me to tears.  I know they worked really hard on it.  We sat at the end of my bed this morning going through each item in the bag - giggling & talking about how hard they had worked on everything while squeezing each other for a job well done.  

A picture in the bag of A & I (Chuck E. Cheese photo booth on C’s birthday last month):


I took the kids to one of our favorite parks this afternoon - the wind nearly blew us away - but we soaked up what sunshine we could and ran through the water on the aquatic pad.  My favorite part was right before I got wet; Gabe took off my flip flops while I was sitting on the grass, grabbed my hand, and pulled me up as best as he could like - 'you’re not getting out of here dry, mama.’  SO I found my inner child & ran through the cold water squealing like a crazy person.  Classic. :)

I had some quiet time today, too.  My neighbor is one of the nicest people I have ever met, and her daughter & my girls have become such good friends.  We share back fence lines, & now that it’s summertime, those three girls play their hearts out.  They happened to get together outside today right during Gabe’s nap time which gave me some birthday peace. ;)  I really appreciate having them in our life.


We finished the day off with some ribs at Tony Roma’s, and wow - it was divine.  I’ve been there maybe three times in my entire life, & it was the best birthday meal yet.  The very fact that I didn’t have to cook & do dishes tonight was heaven. :)  30 feels amazing, and I know this sounds cliche, but I’m excited for the decade ahead!!! Thirty, flirty, & thriving!  Oh yeah.  



Stacy Jackson said...

So happy you had a special Birthday! We were thinking about you all day. Love ya lots!

JLH said...

Happy Birthday and Anniversary! What an exciting month! I love the present at the end of the bed tradition - I think I may have to see about implementing that one next year (we just wrapped up our birthday season this weekend).

Lacey said...

Ok that totally gave me tears about your girls present. They are so SO sweet! Happy happy birthday!! I too have been excited about 30.

Steph Thomas said...

You feel and look much better at 30 then I did. Reading this about the present on your bed in the morning almost brought ME to tears. That is SO sweet. LOVE IT!!