Sunday, July 27, 2014

When Tragedy Strikes

Our summer trip to southeastern Idaho took a difficult turn.  

My father passed away unexpectedly while we were there on Friday, July 11th.  

My body is weak, and I am emotionally exhausted from the course of events that have taken place over the past two weeks.  I am in my own home now with my children and husband - simply learning to navigate my new life ahead with a constant clamp on my heart.    

The tears continue to fall, but despite his absence, I know in whom I have trusted.  The divine promises of the atonement have strengthened me.  I have prayed more fervently than I have ever prayed in my entire life  - seeking answers, seeking peace.  I have never known grief before, but the pain is transforming my heart, and I can feel this daily burden strengthening my family and I one day - one moment - at a time.

“You do not need to see the Savior, as the apostles did, to experience the same transformation.  Your testimony of Christ, born of the Holy Ghost, can help you look past the disappointing endings in mortality and see the bright future that the Redeemer of the world has prepared.”  

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Little by little, and as appropriate, I will share more - always praying for guidance in an effort to focus on truths learned and the exemplary life my dad lived.  A simple Thank You will never express the love and appreciation we feel for the numerous individuals who have reached out to my family and I during this difficult time. 


JLH said...

No matter the situation, things like this are usually growing experiences of a very deep and painful kind. Sending lots of prayers to you and your family. Just remember, you only ever need to handle life one moment at a time and none of those moments need ever be alone. So sorry for your unexpected loss.

Marcie said...

I was not able to attend the funeral or viewing and I have felt terrible about that. Please know I have been thinking about your family a lot lately. I hope the Spirit of comfort will continue to be with you all in the difficult weeks and months ahead. It was so good to see your mom at the temple last night. She looked great. I think the world of her and your whole family.

Steph Thomas said...

Oh my goodness, I am so sorry to hear this:( I will add your family to my prayers. Unexpected is the hardest when things like this happen. So sorry sweet friend:(