Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What Are You Doing?

Hello family and friends,

What are you doing today?  I am trying to keep my thoughts bright.  Some mornings I wake up with anxiety and fear.  The past few mornings have been heavy, but I am alive and moving forward, day after day.  I think about these people every moment, and I know there is a great purpose in store for each of us.      

DSC 1579 2

What Are You Doing?

What are You doing?
I whisper, dejected,
My life quickly falling apart.
I don’t understand
How a Father who loves me
Could witness my suffering

What are You doing?
I try to move forward,
But obstacles get in my way.
I struggle to see
How the stumbling is helpful
With challenges day after day.

What are You doing?
This turn, unexpected,
Is leading me down a new path.
I follow in faith,
Hope’s anticipation
Is all the assurance I have.

What are You doing?
I wonder it daily,
But little by little I see
The light moving with me
With each step I take
The vision unfolds graciously.

What are You doing?
I ask in amazement
As wonders and blessings unfold.
I’m learning,
Perspective is altered by
If faithful, Thy purpose behold.

Anna M. Molgard



Stacey said...

Sharee- That picture of your family is beautiful. I love how you are all clinging to each other. Each of you radiate so much light and hope for the future. I love you!

Julie said...

What are you doing? I ask myself this everyday. We are all trying to move forward. I love you. Mom