Thursday, October 23, 2014

Eyes That See

The weather has been dreary this week, but I love the rain.  It’s so refreshing.  

Oh, and did I tell you that I won the award for housewife accident of the year?!  Two nights ago when I was preparing dinner in my lovely victorian apron with my Doris Day up-do (j/k), a splat of hamburger grease hit me square in the right eye.  The next day my vision was blurred enough that I found myself sitting at the eye doctor.  Somehow, the hot grease managed to land directly on my cornea leaving me with a nice eye burn spanning my line of sight.  Are your eyes watering yet?  How does this happen?!  It’d be funny to watch a slow motion video of this incident - okay maybe not really funny, but sort of funny.  The doctor said he’d never seen such a target hit.  Luckily, we live in a modern world with treatment options, and I’m well on my way back to 20/20 again.  

Either way, I have eyes that see most clearly when I’m on my knees...leaving unanswered questions to Heavenly Father, finding gratitude in my challenges, and enjoying the simple beauties all around me. 

DSC 0714

DSC 0717

   (I really enjoy walking to Carlie’s bus stop each day to pick her up from school.)

P.S. Please consider wearing safety goggles if you cook dinner tonight. 


Steph Thomas said...

Holy cow! What are the odds of that happening? It makes me think that those that wear glasses wouldn't have an accident like that. Glad you are able to see clearer day by day.

Julie said...

I love that walk to the bus stop. The company is what makes it so special. So glad your eye is getting better. Oh, the sacrifices we make to be good homemakers !