Saturday, January 3, 2015

Early November


A small part of me would like to forget about that month before I had a baby.  I dare say it wasn’t an easy time for me.  The 8 months pregnant/pneumonia combination proved to be a daily test of patience.  At the time I knew my life was about to change forever as it does with the entrance of a new family member, and although I wanted to enjoy my last few weeks as a family of 5, each day was a struggle.  

Little Luke is 3 weeks old now, and it is such a relief to have him here.  I can breathe easier (literally).  

Grieving the loss of my dad while pregnant was harder on my body than I realized.  It was near impossible to escape the roller coaster of emotions in the midst of my “year of firsts” as it’s called.  Whenever I found myself getting too sad, I’d do everything I could to "look up" and face hope head on, but as my physical body struggled, it was tough to get where I needed to be in order to cope.

I count my blessings that I made it through my pregnancy.  Even though my baby steps felt like they weren’t getting me anywhere, I can now look back and see that I’ve made progress since then.

IMG 0297



I know these pictures don’t really have anything to do with what I’m talking about, but I’m so grateful to see smiles on my kids’ faces during this time.  I guess I wasn’t a complete failure.

AnnMarie was getting a little nervous that the baby would never come.

But he did...

and oh, how we love him.

DSC 1060


Julie said...

Such wonderful pictures. We will just keep counting our blessings and naming them one by one. Happy New Year!

shelly said...

He is so cute! As are all of your kids. From reading your posts, I would say you handled everything amazingly. Here's to getting some naps and recovering from birth:)

JLH said...

First, you are so inspiring! I am sure it's been a hard road and I cannot even fathom walking that road while pregnant. You made it.

Second, wow! That hair! Such a beautiful baby. (yes, I said beautiful - as far as babies go I feel 'beautiful' is a gender neutral word :) ).

The Wolfleys said...

The last few weeks of pregnancy are not the easiest to endure happily, but for what it is worth I thought you did awesome! I too cannot believe how much hair Luke has, he is so handsome, I want to come back over and snuggle him some more.