Monday, November 2, 2015

school days/tonsillectomy/soccer

The school year is well underway, my goodness.  Miss AnnMarie is in 3rd grade now, and she continues to love books with her whole soul.  She’s definitely a star student, and our hearts beam with happiness for her continued success at school.  She bounces to the bus stop like Tigger every morning ready to take on the world.

DSC 1911

We had a minor setback about three weeks into the school year.  Her previous issues with tonsillitis resurfaced, and the specialist's recommendation to have a tonsillectomy went from borderline to high.  Although we went through this exact same thing with Carlie a few years back, it was still very difficult!  Having to watch AnnMarie come out of surgery was one of the hardest motherhood moments I’ve known.  I crawled into the bed with her and just held onto her for an hour as she tried to make sense of the pain and disorientation she was experiencing.  Glad that’s over. 

She has since made a full recovery.  

IMG 1206

  Carlie is in 1st grade, and she seems to be handling all day school really well.    

DSC 1913

I’ve enjoyed watching her mature into a beautiful young girl.  She absolutely loves her teacher, Mrs. Jacobs.  She’s keeping up with her reading minutes every day, but honestly, she’d rather be doing this:


And boy, is she ever!  Jared is the soccer coach again for her team this year, The Black Widows.  Intense. :)

Luke is 10 1/2 months old now…(he looks even older to me than this picture portrays since I gave him a major haircut last week!  Oh, but I did; I couldn’t help myself.

IMG 1189

I’m a bit sad to say goodbye to October, but it’s been full, so we’re happy to welcome November.  AnnMarie’s dance experience has turned out to be more than we expected.  She’s a ballerina again at the Tri-Cities Academy of Ballet, and since getting the part of a mouse in the Mid-Columbia Ballet's annual production of 'The Nutcracker,’ it’s doubled the amount of time she spends at the studio.  We’re happy for her to have this opportunity, but honest to goodness, this taxi driving part of being a mom is not my favorite.  We’ve found ourselves in this really interesting part of parenting that I swore I’d never fall into - trying to strike that balance between healthy involvement and the simple life together at home.  I have very mixed feelings about it all.

“…Begin thinking of extra-curricular activities–including your own–as secondary to the need to make time to work, play, talk, and pray together as a family.  If you actually gave yourself permission to prioritize your family life–as your Church asks you to–what else would there be time for?  Perhaps the answer is “not much.”  That’s OK.  Your family is the single most important activity you can do in the course of your week.  Start giving yourself permission to think of this as if it was. 

Perhaps the best way to create a “Culture of Encounter” that brings Christ to the world is to simply do what he says and finally make time to waste time with your children.” - Greg Camacho


shelly said...

Look at those cute kids growing up! I love that quote, we are working in the schedule and balance as well.

Careina said...

I LOVE those quotes at the end! I'll be going back to those again and again I'm sure!

Julie said...

Make time to waste time with your children. So very true. I'll never regret the time I wasted with you Sharee. Memories forever in my heart. I love you.