Monday, February 1, 2016

New Beginnings

My mom is getting remarried this Saturday, and my head and heart are so full right now!  Memories of my dad are becoming more intense, and sadness in the loss of an expectant future is overwhelming at times!  But I am so happy for my mom & Brad.  He is an amazing person!  It’s truly a miracle the two of them found each other.    

What is an effective example of managing grief?  I think my mom would definitely be an effective example of managing grief.  Last spring my mom took the courageous step of attending the LDS Widows/Widowers Conference in SLC.  There she met Brad - a widower of three years.  So here we are.  The two of them will be married for time in the Twin Falls Idaho Temple on February 6th.  Common griefs knit two hearts together in a sacred way.       

I’m getting better at recognizing my loss as a revolution rather than a deprivation.  Certain habits have terminated while other ones - good ones - have developed.  Indeed, I am a better person!  It is true that there is a tinge of misery in my heart, and I rendezvous with it every day.  But just enough to remind me that I’ve the privilege of happiness, and I’ll create it.  A new chapter is on the rise, an old one waiting to be closed.  

How grateful I am for new beginnings, memories, the reality of life after death, and all that awaits in life everlasting.             

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Julie said...

It is a new beginning. We all deserve happiness and companionship is such a great thing. I can't thank you enough for your love and support. You bless my life everyday and I'm so glad you are my daughter . I love you ! Mom