Saturday, March 19, 2016

Soccer 2015-2016

Spring soccer started up a few weeks ago!  The teams are pretty much the same from last fall, so it’s basically a continuation of the previous season.  My good neighbor & friend had a daughter on AnnMarie’s team, and she took these pictures for me in the fall.  I was so glad, too, because I wasn’t able to attend very many games during that time.  AnnMarie’s turning into a pretty good little soccer player, but the best part about it is how much she loves it!     

IMG 1379

IMG 1378

IMG 1356

IMG 1377

IMG 1284

IMG 1341

IMG 1431

IMG 1433

Jared coached Carlie’s team and is continuing to do so this spring.  It’s a really cute group of girls, and Carlie’s a fireball as usual with her hot pink socks.  I’m looking forward to watching both girls play this afternoon.    

IMG 9644

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Julie said...

Love the hot pink socks. She is such a sweet little fireball. Can't believe Jared is coaching soccer. A true Dad in every sense of the word. AnnMarie looks intense. How fun!!