Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Farewell Ruby Lou

Tomorrow I will say goodbye to my beloved Ruby Lou doll.  This doll has meant a lot to me over the years, but I couldn’t be more thrilled about where she is going.

About three & a half years ago - after giving birth to my son, Gabriel - I needed to stay in Idaho for a while before I could return to Argentina.  Jared was with me for about one week after Gabe’s birth.  He was able to come back twice over the next four months, but only for a few days each visit.  He got me a new sewing machine for my birthday that summer, just before Gabe was born.  I didn’t know a stitch about sewing, but it was something I’d expressed an interest in learning how to do, so it boosted my spirits during that difficult time.

After finishing a few small projects, I knew I wanted to take the sewing machine back to Argentina with me.  (I had to dedicate an entire suitcase to that baby, but it was well worth it.)  On top of that, I had promised AnnMarie that I would help her make a doll.  We found the Ruby Lou doll pattern and fell in love with it.  Shortly thereafter - upon returning to Argentina - the Ruby Lous for Ruby Jane project was born.  

Well, I never shared the results of that project back in 2013.  We earned around $400 in doll pattern purchases, and 5 dolls were donated!  I was so happy with how it all turned out.  These dolls are not an easy feat to sew, and the fact that 5 women went to all that effort for this project was just so humbling to me.  One of little Ruby Jane’s nurses picked out the sweetest girls to give the dolls to at the hospital where Ruby Jane stayed & passed away.  

I had every intention of donating the first Ruby Lou doll I made (pictured below), but I decided to keep her for sentimental reasons, and I started making a new doll to be donated during the Holidays as planned.  As life would have it, the second doll never got finished, and after the unexpected loss of my dad, so many aspects of my life were put on hold.  

Well, I finally decided to send our original Ruby Lou doll last month, but she came back to me in the mail a few weeks later.  I e-mailed Ani (Ruby Jane’s mom and founder of The Ruby Jane Fountation) about the predicament, and her response touched my heart.  

“Sharee — I think that you saved that doll for a special reason. I know the perfect girl to send it to! We moved in May and this family moved into our precious ward in June. They have a 2 year old named.....Ruby! Yup! And she was diagnosed with cancer in October. She has lost her ability to walk among other things. Her Aunt is my good friend, and she said she would absolutely love one of the dolls! I am so happy about how this worked out in the end!"

I’m so grateful that God has provided me & my girls with this beautiful purpose for our doll.  I was once again reminded that He is in the details of our lives.  I’m finishing up our package tomorrow for little Ruby, complete with a letter to her & her family about how this doll is truly meant for her!  As it has been for me, I hope this Ruby Lou doll will be a reminder of happiness, the comfort that heaven is here, and the knowledge that Heavenly Father is aware of our struggles.     

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Julie said...

Oh yes, that Ruby Lou Doll. So glad I could be a part of that. Thanks for your wonderful example of listening to the spirit.