Wednesday, November 20, 2013



Today I’ve been hanging out with C.  She’s like the nursery rhyme, the girl with the curl.  ‘When she’s good, she’s very good indeed, but when she’s bad she’s horrid.’  This girl has a temper, and sometimes it can get the best of me, but she’s been doing much better since getting her tonsils out last month. 

Today she was as good as gold, and I enjoyed every minute with her.  I took advantage of Gabe’s naptime & tried to sneak a quick nap in, too (long night last night/super early morning/normality these days), but C was so sweet to play with blocks while she finished her favorite show for the 200th time (Little Mermaid) and sang her heart out with Ariel.  I know I’m probably bias, but her singing voice is getting good!  The best is when she belts, “part of your LIFE,” which is totally NOT how it goes, but it’s cute to hear her try.  She rubbed my head, told me to wake up in case I missed Gabe waking up (big event), and informed me that her toenail was hurting. ;)

Wednesday is always gymnastics day, and I love watching her whip out the moves; her fearless heart amazes me every single time.  She loves the bars best, and her little biceps are just too cute.  She must take after her Aunt Sarah – (not sure how that works sis-in-law, but the thought of her possibly having your skills is just too good). 

I love this little girl and feel beyond blessed to have her spunk in our home.  Love you C!

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Steph Thomas said...

I just absolutely love when I have those days and really have to take advantage of that unconditional love that you just want to "eat them up". Many times I don't have "that" feeling so awesome that you got that today.