Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pre-Spring Break

Let’s talk about my extended spring break for a minute.


I drove to Idaho with my four kids, and basically, let me just say that driving eight hours with four kiddos age seven and under with no other adult supervision in the vehicle besides the driver is not highly recommended.  Trust me.  Sometimes in life though, you just gotta do things that aren’t recommended, and for me, this was one of those times for a lot of reasons.

But I got creative (like we stayed in a hotel half way through the drive type of creative).  And there were tears.  And plenty of screaming fits.  And lots of potty breaks on the side of the road.  I really hate to even mention that last one, but seriously.  My two year old…it’s like every 20 minutes these days.    

(I can’t get enough of the above picture of baby Luke.)  His skin is silky smooth and fair.  I’m blessed to be able to kiss on his cute cheeks all day.  He smiles, but it’s usually with one corner of his mouth.  He sure enjoyed snuggling his many grandmas in Idaho. 

But first, let’s back up.  So the week before spring break, all six of us drove to Logan, Utah and back in a three day period. Now THAT was a road trip and a half.  

One of our dear lifelong friends got married, and we couldn’t miss the celebration.  He even had a flash mob wedding dance prepared for his bride that threw everyone for a loop.  It was pretty funny.

IMG 0717

We were able to meet up with my mom and the newlyweds (my brother Nate & sweet Emmy) in Salt Lake City.  My mom had just flown into the SLC Airport, returning from a two week trip to Cambodia, Vietnam, and surrounding areas as part of an LDS tour group.  

She was showing us her many souvenirs in this picture, and boy, did she come back with some amazing pictures and stories.    

IMG 0721

Anyway, we drove straight back home from SLC that very day.  Fast and furious, but definitely worth it.  

And that was our little pre-spring break adventure.  I’ll be back soon.  

The End. 


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Acquaintance with Grief

In my acquaintance with grief I have diligently strived to be prayerful and observant.  In the process I have come to recognize that even the most mundane aspects of my life have been falling into a beautifully orchestrated symphony of necessary events under heavenly direction. 

I believe grief is meant to awaken our souls to reality.  We are much more than just mortals, and it’s necessary to KNOW that (not just believe it) at some point in our journey.  Life through an eternal lens takes on new meaning and purpose. 

If I truly believe in Christ, then come what may!  Death cannot kill what never dies.  Easter Sunday was a true celebration of this very truth.

"Sometimes in our sorrow we are tempted to feel alone or forsaken, but looking back, we recognize we were never really alone…nor were we forsaken.  I believe that in our grief we are meant to feel alone in order that we might humble ourselves to talk to God and seek an understanding that defies mortal senses.” - Chris Jones



Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Blessing Day

Last month (on Sunday, March 8th) Luke received a very special blessing from his dad known as a baby blessing.  (This type of blessing provides opportunity to give a baby an official name and to bless their physical & spiritual welfare.) The specifics of Luke's blessing are recorded in my journal thanks to a good friend who had the foresight to write everything down that was stated in the moment (thanks Kiersten!).  Although all four of my children’s baby blessings have been special, Luke’s was especially powerful considering the circumstances.  It was really great to spend a weekend with my mom, brothers & their families, and my husband’s family.  Luke was the first of by babies to be blessed in our home ward.  In the past we’ve had our babies blessed in Idaho where all of our family members were able to participate, but this time they all came to us!  He wore a darling little white tux that his Grandma Wolfley gave to him.   

DSC 1435

DSC 1443

One thing I’ve learned about having a ginger baby with blue eyes is that everyone can’t help but comment about it!!  I love having this sweet little redhead around more than words can say; I sure hope his color keeps.  

DSC 1314

I tried to capture a picture of everyone that came, but it didn’t happen with all the hustle & bustle of dinner preparation afterwards.  Anyway…here’s the best of my attempt. :)  Feeling grateful for family and the support we received on this momentous occasion.

DSC 1347

DSC 1350

DSC 1358

DSC 1364

DSC 1394