Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A weekend with the Wolfleys

My dad was a faithful reader of my blog, and with each post I write, I’ll yearn for his commentary.  He’d usually text me a comment or two the day after one of my posts just to tell me that he saw it...and that he loved it.  “Man, I sure enjoy your blog - the kids are growing up fast - unreal!” he’d always say.

As I move forward without my dad’s reassurance, it’s the little things that I’ll continue to miss and treasure.  My priorities have realigned instantaneously simply because of the way he lived his life.  As I continue to blog, I hope my kids know just how much I value their journey, as my dad did mine.    

We spent the 4th of July with Jared’s family at the Wolfley homestead.  As all the grandkids get a little older each year, it’s neat to see their relationships as cousins turn into friendships.  They love spending time together, and since they don’t have the opportunity to see each other very often, they don’t waste a minute when they’re together.  

I hope a few of these cheerful pictures bring some sunshine to your day.  







I don’t know about those motorcycles, but I’ll be all over that yellow tube next year. ;)


Steph Thomas said...

I have learned as my kids have gotten older just how important it is for them to get together with those cousins. They can build such a great bond. I remember two years ago I wasn't going to go to the McNiven Family reunion and I didn't think my kids were old enough to even remember any of it anyways. My sister sort of forced me to go and I can't believe how much they bonded with their cousins even at Allison's age of 3 (almost 4). It really is so important for them to play with their cousins.

Julie said...

Brought sunshine to my day! They are growing up way too fast.