Monday, September 7, 2015

Practice Expectations

Okay, so I’m excited to talk about practice expectations.  Here’s what I have in my policy:


“For most of you, practice will not be a problem. However, a practice record will be given to each student to monitor and ensure progress. I expect each student to practice at least four times each week.  This commitment will prove to your benefit and satisfaction. Parents, please make sure the student has a quality, tuned piano/keyboard to practice on, and a regular, uninterrupted time (or times) to practice. Learn to value practicing!”

Most of this speaks for itself.  I think 15-20 minutes each session is more reasonable for the young beginner, but a 30 minute session can (and should) be expected from an older student, beginning or experienced, and by older I’m thinking 8 years & up.

(I’m in the process of making some fun practice records that I’ll share with you soon).

I choose to reward those students who go the extra mile and exceed expectations.  A young student who practices more than what is expected automatically earns a prize out of the treasure box.

My older students can also earn a prize out of the treasure box, but they also have multiple goals (including the practice expectations) that if successfully accomplished throughout the year will earn them a composer statue at the end of a school year.

And YES, I have in fact terminated piano lessons before due to a student who failed to meet limited expectations.  It’s obviously important to me though, too, that I ensure progress when parents are paying for the successful music education of their child.

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