Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Walking in Argentina

Today I walked through the streets of Venado Tuerto Argentina. The streets are dusty, & it smells like exhaust - not necessarily a bad thing, but I wish I had my camping clothes. There's either a fresh fruit stand or a French pastry shop on most corners (definitely yummy), & there are a lot of people riding bikes & motorcycles with a baby (or two) attached somewhere. Animal control is non-existent. I'm not quite sure where all these stray dogs are coming from, but they seem pretty tame. Jared & I made it to the central park, & we sat on a bench for about an hour & didn't really say anything. We were staring at a giant bronze statue of an Argentine cowboy getting bucked by a horse. Our conversation went something like this:

Jared: "Well, what do you think?" (About the 100th time I've heard that this week.)
Me: "About what?"
Jared: "About life?
Me: "Do you know what sets centurions apart from everyone else?"
Jared: "No, what?" (Is this 20 questions or is this a conversation?)
Me: "Their ability to adapt."
Jared: "Looks like I'll live to be 100, how about you?"
Me: "I could get used to paisley tight jeans & red high heel boots."
Jared: "Yeah, me too." (Not sure how to interpret that one.)

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Stacey said...

Wow! What an awesome adventure! That is so neat to have a trip like that with your hubby. Gosh you would look hot in that paisley jean and red boot getup. Jared, however, not so much. Just consider bringing it back here rather than staying there. :)