Saturday, July 28, 2012

That week in June (before I had a baby)

I am so grateful for family.  I am also so very lucky that my kids have lots of cousins to play with. 

I stayed with my in-laws during the month of June, and we had a great time full of good ole farm-filled livin’.  The girls were definitely not lacking in the attention department.


Showing off their new summer outfits Grandma Wolfley gave them…



AnnMarie attended her first wrestling tournament to cheer her cousin Will on.  Her & Drew obviously kept themselves entertained.  I’m sad I missed it, but I have reason to envision myself attending many tournaments in the future. ;)


Claire & Carlie keeping warm on a windy day…


Classic back porch picture of cousins eating Grandma’s cookies…


The pictures I confiscated off of my MIL’s camera that were taken the week I had Gabe are my favorite.

More on that soon.

Love, Sharee

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Marcie said...

Your girls are so, so cute! I'm so glad you're enjoying your time in Idaho. You just can't beat cousin time. And by the way, thank you for the nice comment on my blog. It made my day!