Sunday, September 16, 2012

Single Mommy-hood

Jared & I have been apart for a long time. 

I came to the States in May.  It’s September.  He was here in July & a few days at the end of August. 

We miss him so much.  Some days, like today, I cry.  We want to be a family again. 

We are waiting for little man’s visa.


Little man is 12 weeks old.  Little man smiles all day long.  Little man has a lot of hair.


Carlie Joy loves fancy shoes, push-ups, and buns in her hair.


AnnMarie goes to kindergarten. 

She takes it very seriously and always comes home happy. 

She wears her backpack from Argentina. 

She informs me that “she speaks English all day but speaks Spanish with Francine.”



Luckily, I have my three jewels to keep it real for me.  Not a day goes by without talking about Dad, but I’ll cut out the drama and just say that we’ll get through it and enjoy this cherished time with our dear families.


Scott and Mandy said...

Hang in there! You'll get that Visa before long and you and your little ninozitos will be with Dad and other random Argentines again. Abracos. Your kids are growing so much!

Marcie said...

I don't know how you guys do it! I can't imagine being apart for that long. I hope the visa comes soon! Gabe is sure a little cutie!