Monday, August 20, 2012



Last Thursday was just one of those days I wanted to hold on to.  Nothing really spectacular happened.  It just felt nice.

I must’ve closed the front door a hundred and eighty times.  We have a new family member besides Gabe now, and the girls couldn’t be happier about that fact.  Meet Megan the kitty.  Yep, I succumbed.


Carlie pretty much lives on the front porch now.  We’ve never ever had a real pet, but now that we’re out here in the country for a while, we’re taking advantage :). 

She’s learning to soften her tone and be a little more patient about life which I’m very pleased about.  Pets have a way of doing that.



AnnMarie is such a sweetheart to her little brother.


She attended Kindergarten Open House and met her teacher, my old college roommate Shawni.  I can’t believe it:  1) that she’s starting kindergarten…in the States…for a little while at least, and 2) that her teacher is Shawni (Miss Lyman).


We’re starting to see lots of smiles around here.



Stacey said...

That is so cool that AnnMarie got Shawnii for her teacher. She is going to love her! Brianna starts kindergarten tomorrow. It's so crazy to me! Little Gabe is looking like a Jackson if you ask me. He is so cute!

Marcie said...

Gabe is such a cutie! It makes me excited for our little man to get here... if he'd hurry up already!

Scott and Mandy said...

Where's Megan now that you are back in the AR? Abandonado or is Jules feeding her now? JK