Wednesday, August 7, 2013

SLC in July and Motherhood


Every year in July, Jared & I have the awesome opportunity to go to SLC together for three days…alone.  ;)  It’s definitely one of the perks of his job, and it’s becoming a fun tradition we look forward to. 


I loved the dark bright July colors scattered throughout Temple Square.  On two of those days, I had some alone time during the morning hours to enjoy the peaceful sunshine on the temple grounds. 


Hey look, it’s us!  j/k – this couple reminded me of Jared & I not so many years ago.   


Only our hair’s not as bright anymore, darn it. 


The Creekside Shopping Center is gorgeous… 



and tempting in every way.  We pretty much ate our hearts out as much as we could.  We’re still adapting to all this rich ‘n creamy ‘n yummy food everywhere we go.  In particularly, the dairy is totally different, so we have to take it easy. 

Everything is over-abundant in so many ways, and sometimes it makes my heart sting to think about how much we have here on this side of the globe.  We’re slowly getting everything organized into our new home, and with every little box I’m thinking, “OK, why do we need this again?  Let’s find someone in need that could use it way more than us,” and just as I’m thinking that, my little 6-year-old is saying that.  I’m missing the service opportunities that surrounded us for two years, but I know we can continue to serve and lift others in a new way than before.

I can’t help but think of this beautiful piece I came across on temple square – one that I’ve never really noticed before.  It’s tucked away in a corner – away from the limelight. 


It’s a young mother with her children - her head held high with the sun on her face.  She looks strong.  She looks empowered with knowledge and eternal perspective.  She looks tired, but dedicated.  Her baby clings to her as her daughter follows close behind.  Her part is accomplished in quiet ways without fanfare, yet she carries on with confidence in her selfless role. 

This piece spoke to me in so many ways one peaceful morning on the temple grounds, and I knew once again that the greatest service I will ever do will be here in my home…wherever I am on the map. :)


Julie said...

Beautifully written!

JLH said...

Love the post. And I love temple square! One of the ways that I was able to amp up all the great things about moving was that we would be close enough to temple square that we could look at making a family trip one day!
What does your husband do that sent you to argentina and SLC once a year?
And I completely understand the "stuff". We've moved so much that I go through that every time and we donate a LOT. Even though we don't purchase very much it still feels like it piles up!

Steph Thomas said...

I haven't been to the SLC Temple Square in probably 15 years. It is such a beautiful place. That is SO awesome that you guys get to go there for three days all my yourself.