Monday, October 21, 2013

October busy-ness

Life is busy right now.  So many schedules, so little time.  The days keep rolling by.

We’re in the thick of it, but I wouldn’t trade it; we are loving our new chapter.  I desperately keep trying to find some time to update our little space here on the web, and there just aren’t enough hours in the day, I say.  I love this time of life right now.  First grade, ballet, harvest, soccer, settling in, teaching piano, taking care of a baby – not to mention the dishes, diapers, homework, meals, yard, laundry…the joys of motherhood, everything.

I’m having major camera issues these days, so I have a little something on my wish list for Christmas this year (wink, wink), but I was able to dig up these gems for now – much different backgrounds from our last environment, same beautiful faces. :)

Both AnnMarie & Carlie have gotten so good at riding their bikes sans training wheels.  It’s so nice to have an outside patio area for the kids to play on.  All smiles. :)


The end of our road happens to be the last bus stop before it heads to school.  I feel grateful for this little fact, and for the good group of kids that meet at our bus stop every morning.


We decided to get AnnMarie involved in soccer this season - she’s been loving it.  It’s been amazing to watch her progress & improvement over the course of the past two months.  She’s all about defending – check out her move (no. 22, pink socks).  I must say, she looks pretty intense out there.


Carlie had surgery a few weeks ago.  We were finally able to get those monstrous tonsils & adenoids removed.  She is still recovering, but doing much better this past week.  My mom came up a few days after her surgery to help with the healing.  Carlie loves her Grandma J (so do I). 


I’m taking C back to pre-school tomorrow for the first day post-surgery, but I took a risk last week & took her on the pumpkin patch field trip.  She’d been talking about it non-stop, and I couldn’t bare the thought of having her miss out on something she was so set on.  We went on a hay-ride and enjoyed the hay-bale maze & petting zoo.  I’m pretty sure it boosted her spirits. 



Now if that little boy’s facial expression doesn’t make your day, then I don’t know what will!  

Happy October!

                                and a very Happy Birthday to my dear brother, Kyle!


Steph Thomas said...

Poor little Carlie but I am glad she got to go on the pumpkin patch trip. Those are always so much fun. Allison's field trip to the pumpkin patch is this Thursday and I just might be more excited about it then she is. My first real field trip with her!! Love reading your blog!

JLH said...

Cute! Looks like you guys are settling in nicely!

Julie said...

So glad beyond words that you are back home closer! P.S. Grandpa likes the shirt Carlie is wearing on her bike. Love you.

Stacey said...

I was just checking out your updates and Penny saw the pic of Carlie with your Mom. She was convinced it was her. She said, "Who is that holding me Mom?" Ha ha So glad to have you closer to home. Hope to see you over Thanksgiving or Christmas!