Friday, May 30, 2014

Gator Hunt in Florida

In February, we took a trip to Florida with Jared’s family - parents, siblings, & their kiddos.  It had been planned for quite a while (almost a year), so it was amazing to realize our preparations.  Our first day was spent touring the Deseret Cattle & Citrus Farms which are all a part of the company my husband works for.  This was definitely one of my favorite experiences of the entire vacation.  Jared lined up an actual airboat tour through the Everglades - literally full of alligators.  We found ourselves there on a rainy, humid morning, and even though I didn’t get hardly any pictures of alligators (they are fast & sometimes difficult to spot until you come right upon them), we saw between 60-75 alligators - it was surreal & pretty unbelievable.  














The guy driving the airboat was so authentic, I couldn’t help but question our safety in the beginning. :)  He had the thickest Cajun accent I’ve ever heard, & he whipped that boat around like nobody’s business.  I wish I had a picture of the guy - such a hoot - never been outside of Florida & Lower Louisiana.  

A Little Side Note: The visitor’s center there was neat & educational, but while we were waiting there for our other family members to take the airboat tour, I called a friend I’d met through the annual SLC conferences who’s husband works for the ranch there.  I didn’t know it at the time, but their house was only 3 miles away from the visitor’s center.  We loaded up the kids & headed on over for a touching visit that I hope my girls will always remember.  Their oldest daughter, Natalie, who’s the same age as our oldest (6 yrs old), had been diagnosed with lymph node cancer several months prior, and she was very ill & completely bald at the time of our visit.  I had no idea that they were going through this trial, on top of the fact that they had a newborn.  I was so taken aback & a little embarrassed of our intrusion - even though she had welcomed our visit over the phone - that my initial reaction was to apologize & leave as quickly as possible.  However, it turned out to be one of those visits that I continue to reflect on almost daily as I stand in awe of my friend’s testimony, dedication to her children, & optimism - simply inspiring.  We were blessed to have crossed paths that rainy afternoon.  

We found a hole in the wall restaurant that served fried alligator.  Totally weird.  But you know what’s even weirder than that?  We ate at it.  








Steph Thomas said...

How cool that you got to do all of that. When my SIL found out they were moving to FL she was so scared that Alligators would be in her yard. They haven't seen one yet though. How cool that your WHOLE family did that. Such great memories. So how did the alligator taste? Like chicken?

Stacy Jackson said...

So awesome! Thanks for sharing. I loved the pictures and the write-up.

Marcie said...

So fun to see the pictures of all the Wolfley's and your tour. I bet it was really cool!