Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A story about a boat

Earlier this month, to avoid getting deported, I found myself on a boat headed to a different country. 

Is this really my life?  Sheesh.

Okay, in all seriousness, I wasn’t on the brink of jail, but I definitely needed to renew my passport due to some VISA issues that are currently getting resolved.

Thankfully, I have a husband who knows how to make anything good…and fun.  We weren’t on a rowboat, although the thought of that is just too good – but rather ‘a luxurious ferry ride’ with tango dancers providing some serious entertainment value…without any air conditioning. ;)

Anyway, let’s back up a bit.  We drove to Buenos Aires, stayed in a nice hotel, and met a real life never been out of Scotland Scottish couple in need of major help communicating with the front desk.  I’m pretty sure it was easier for me to understand the Argentines better than the Scots.  That was an experience - wow.

The next morning, we took a taxi to the boat port and boarded the boat.



It was nice.


Gabe handled it like a champ even though the a/c wasn’t working.  Have I mentioned that I love rocking my babies?  I love rocking my babies.  

AnnMarie seems to be not so little at all anymore. It seems like just yesterday when she was the one I was rocking.  Okay, I’m about to cry.  Moving on…


This looks like we’re passing by a deserted island.  We probably were - anything’s possible down here.


Check out the guy stripping down back there – nice.   


I’m excited to share our Uruguay pictures – it was so beautiful. 

In the meantime, read this incredible story my cousin shared on our music site. 

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Steph Thomas said...

You live quite the adventurous life. I am glad you are blogging about these experiences not only for your family but for us friends as well. It is fun to read your adventures.
WHAT A COINCIDENCE with that story. That is amazing. Thanks for sharing that.