Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A few final thoughts on this whole deal

First of all, let me just say that I believe true service is done quietly.  I never intended for this project to gain as much attention as it did.  It has been incredibly humbling to instigate a service idea that snowballed and included so many others.  My husband and I have been inspired by all the families, individuals, and children who took hold of this simple, but meaningful, opportunity to serve.  It’s definitely made us want to be more vigilant in seeking and acting on service opportunities that others initiate.  Like all acts of service, I really believe that the givers in this project were just as equally touched if not more so than the recipients.


I was so inspired to see the excitement and dedication my girls exhibited throughout this project.  A lot of times, we tend to think that young children need to be older before they’ll really grasp the whole idea of giving, but truly, it’s never too early to teach children the importance of simple Christ-like service.  Service does not have to be grand; it really can be as simple as giving someone some left-over stickers with love.

DSCN0587My two rag muffins with their never-to-be-forgotten beanie babies.


In reality, it’s tough stuff going from a first world country to not a first world country.  I don’t like to share the major challenges that accompany the opportunity it is to live in a foreign country on top of the fact that I don’t consider myself a complainer although my husband might beg to differ, but let me just say that The Sticker Project was a huge blessing for our family amidst some difficult trials we faced in December.  With the bad comes the good, and frankly, it’s up to us to seek it out. 

So…cheers to 2012 and the mountains we’re climbing.  We loved celebrating New Year’s,

Jared and Sharee with kids at Kilgruman New Years Day 2013

and we look forward to sharing the upcoming year with you.


Stacey said...

Oh Sharee- Thanks for sharing such a beautiful experience with everyone. I just love you and your sweet family. The look on Gabe's face in that last pic is priceless. What a cute little man. Love ya!

Julie Jackson said...

What a good-looking bunch! Miss you all. Hugs and kisses - Papa Stacy and Grandma Julie P.S. Keep climbing those mountains. Pretty soon they will just be slopes.

vanessa said...

Hi Sharee. I just read your desert news article. What a fun adventure! I had to see if you had a blog and am excited to see you do. We are living in Costa Rica with our little girls so I thought it would be fun to see what your family's life is like out there. I would love to do a little feature of you guys and your fun project in on my blog. Maybe in a few weeks when everything has calmed down. And I have one billion questions for you on how it is to live in Argentina. But I'll save those for another day. Anyways I love your sweet story and I am going to show it to the girls during homeschool. They'll do a little current events report on you guys :)